About me

I was born in Rome in 1987. From a very young age I loved drawing and painting and then I chose to study

art. In 2001 I went to "Virginia Woolf" high school, which is specialized in advertising graphics. Until the

second grade I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to do in the art world, until a graphics teacher

showed us some picture books. From there I realized it was my way. Three years after the graduation I

enrolled at the International Comics Academy of Rome for a the three-year course in Illustration, where I

graduated in 2012. During that year I was selected for an exhibition and a catalogue for the children's

illustration competition "Scarpetta d'oro" with the theme "Scarpe d'Italia" (“Italian Shoes”). In 2012 I also

started painting workshops for children, which I do occasionally at playrooms, bookshops and cultural


In January 2018 I published my first illustrated book for children entitled "L'omino del pigiamino" in which I

am both author and illustrator, published by "La strada per Babilonia" placed in Milan. In the summer of

2018 I ranked second out of three winners for the illustration competition "Frezzart" with the theme

"Greetings from Utopia". In October of the same year I started a master's degree in "Illustration 360" at

"Idea Academy" in Rome, where I had the immense privilege to study with great illustrators such as Davide

De Cubellis, Isabella Mazzanti, Daniela Tieni, Gianluca Garofalo, Maria Chiara Di Giorgio, Andrea Serio,

Alessandro Giorgini, Andrea Rivola and many others. With them I dealt with all branches of this sector, from

magazine illustration to editorial illustration, from character design to the study of settings, from chromatic

study to the study of shapes and dealing with themes such as school and teen illustration.

2019 was a very intense year. After finishing the master's degree in June I dedicated myself to finish my

portfolio and to painting workshops for children, as well as to some competitions (I am sorry, I can't reveal

anything about them at the moment). In December I made three illustrations for "Serenity srl", a company

of gift cards, envelopes, merchandising and greeting cards.

Currently I am working on two other illustrated books for children as author and illustrator and I am setting up my own marketplace on www.spreadshirt.it called "The dream factory", which I update as much as possible with prints and drawings for gadgets and clothing.